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Human ageing


Cellinsight Everything about human ageing and related diseases Lipids Lipids are organic compounds, basically hydro carbons . They are non-polar ( means they don't have negatively or positively charged ends ) so they are not soluble in Water, but easily soluble in organic solvents such as chloroform, acetone, benzene,alcohol etc. Fats , oil , wax etc, are the examples of lipids . Lipids are necessary to make cell membranes, the outer most two layers of cell membrane is made up of phospholipids , which protect cell from surroundings and also helps cell more strong and flexible. Energy storage ( excess energy stored in adipose tissue in our body and used when ever needed ), they used to transmit nerve impulses, and many more..  Lipid metabolism Image credit goes to           ( under common creative atribution)  Endocrine system in our body, releasing hormones which control growth and metabolism. According to their chemical structure hormones  are cla

Old man + O2 = Young man

Old man + O2=young man
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Everything about human ageing and related diseases

Old man + O2=young man

     " Old man+O2=Young man" don't laugh I am not kidding you, this is the result of a new research conducted by Scientists from Tele Aviv University and Shamir Medical Center in Israel recently, and published in Aging magazine on 18th november 2020. The scientists claimed that they have managed to reverse the Aging.

The scientists used Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber for conducting this experiment. The treatment inside the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is known as hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (HBOT). They selected 35 people who where above 64 years of age. Pure oxygen supplied to them inside the chamber, at various atmospheric pressure, They were treated inside the chamber for 90 minutes a day and five days a week, the treatment continued for 3 months. The result was mind blowing, the researchers found that the cellular level changes of the participants were equivalent to how they where at 25 years back. The length of telomeres increased by 20-38% depending on different types of cells in the body. The senescence cells were also reduced 11-37%. Both Telomere shortening  and accumulation of Senescence cells are said to be two major Hall marks of Aging.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (HBOT) ?.

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is a special type of treatment commonly used to treat many conditions such as carbon dioxide poisoning, healing of diabetic foot wounds,infection and injuries of bones, injuries to skin or soft tissues etc. Inside the chamber a patient is under an increased atmospheric pressure, where he can breath pure oxygen at 1.5-3,time higher than normal atmospheric pressure. When  received adequate amount of oxygen throughout the body, the body uses its own natural power to  promote healing process. HBOT can neutralise the toxins produced by certain bacteria, and also it increase the ability of WBC (white blood cell) to find and destroy foreign bodies. Also the therapy is useful for the formation of new skin cells, formation of new connective tissues, new blood vessels, production of vascular endothelial growth factor etc.


 Telomeres are the tail end  of chromosome, it act as a protective cap. In each cell division Telomeres are unable to be fully copied, so the Telomeres become shorter and shorter. In human being a cell can divided only 50 times before the Telomere become too short.


When Telomere become too short a cell cannot divided any more,it enter the state of senescence. With increasing age,there is an accumulation of senescence cells in our body. These cells are said to be aged but they are metabolically active. It is difficult to repair a defective tissue if there is a large number of senescence cells are present.


"Aging is yet another disease" many scientists are still believing this.  I think Israeli scientists proved that the deficiency of Oxygen is the main reason for this disease by their HBOT experiment. What they did, they allowed the selected people to breath oxygen 1.5_3 times higher than normal pressure for some time period, that's all. Then they observed that the length of telomeres increased in each cell including senescence cells. You know if you removed all senescence cells from your body,  that itself will increase your life expectancy considerably. 

Here a common question is arising, why our body cells are not getting sufficient Oxygen from our normal breath ?, I think any one or more of following reasons should be behind it,
1. May be the atmospheric O2 level is not            enough because of pollution,deforestation      etc
2. May be our lungs are not able to absorb          enough Oxygen when we breath 
3. May be Our blood circulation is not                   enough to reach every tissues and cells
4.   May be our hemoglobin level is not              enough to transport O2 to each and                  every  part of the body.

      What is your opinion? Let me know.

      I hope the researchers find it very soon.


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