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Effects of enzymes on aging and related diseases .

Effects of enzymes on aging and related diseases Enzymes

Enzymes are biological catalysts, catalysts are those substances which can alter the speed of chemical reactions.There are positive and negative catalysts,positive catalysts speed up chemical reactions where as negativecatalysts decreases the rate of chemical reactions.Enzymes are positive catalysts, which accelerate chemical reactions in our body.Enzymes are basically proteins,made up of long chains of amino acids.Enzymes are discovered in 1897 by a German biochemist EduardBuchner, he got Nobel prize in chemistry in 1907 for his discoveryof cell-free fermentation. He showed that an enzyme named zymase extracted from yeast cells can break up sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide.There are about 40,000 different enzymes present in our body (these number may increasebecause every day new enzymes are discovering )each enzyme catalyze a different chemical reaction.In 1980 SidneyAltman and ThomasR.Cech found that some RNAs have the ab…